Due to fluctuations and unsteadiness in the global financial market over recent years, the current financial climate continues to demonstrate a tight credit market which means that property developers and investors find raising capital for property projects very difficult both in Queensland  and across Australia.

In the foreseeable future this situation is unlikely to change. During these strict financial times property developers and investors are increasingly seeking the services of boutique property financing firms that can offer the flexibility and personalised service so lacking in major financial institutions.

Guardian Securities  can provide a range of assistance to property developers and investors including:

  • An investor base looking for investment opportunities.
  • Advice on how to package the development offer to attract investors.
  • Providing due diligence services.
  • Production and promotion of a complying  offer document.

We all understand that regardless of the estimated financial outcome, the lack of sufficient capital can cripple a promising property project. Guardian Securities has assisted many property developers with the necessary capital to bring to their projects to completion.

Investors can choose a range of options that best suits their investment criteria including:

  1. Regular monthly income from our contributory mortgage scheme;
  2. Share in the development profits “on completion” with the developer;
  3. Receive a fixed dividend from a development;
  4. Purchase an apartment or unit “at cost” from the developer.