Managed Investment Schemes

Investment opportunities for astute investors

Over recent years many people have experienced huge declines in the value of their investment portfolios. Guardian Securities offers investment opportunities on a variety of investments.

Why wait years in the hope your investment will generate big returns when you can be receiving a monthly interest payment straight to your bank account? By providing first mortgage investment offers to our investors we have managed to create investment opportunities that have offered good returns on investment capital, often with interest payments made monthly in arrears. We undertake a sustained rigorous due diligence in order to give you the best protection we can.

Many of our investors have self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and find our investment opportunities attractive. A great strength of our investment opportunities is that our investors know exactly where their money is being invested. Our Product Disclosure Statements provide all the necessary information for an investor to be able to make an informed investment decision.

Guardian Securities office has the experience and expertise to be able to assist with both establishing and maintaining managed investment schemes. As a leading provider of trustee services with schemes that invest in various asset classes including property, infrastructure and equity, Guardian Securities can make your financial future brighter.

If you are seeking a trustee or an investment manager to establish your managed investment scheme, please contact Guardian Securities today.