Responsible Entity Services

Services as a Responsible Entity

In Australia, some investment schemes require the services of a Responsible Entity. There are many good investment schemes languishing because a Responsible Entity is not available to legally promote and manage the scheme. Guardian Securities can provide a full range of Responsible Entity services which includes the following:

  • Product Disclosure Statement production
  • Distributing the PDS
  • Registration with ASIC
  • Compliance management
  • Loan administration
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Investor relations
  • Scheme administration
  • Advice on attracting investors to the scheme
  • Equity Raising

Guardian Securities can provide much more than simply being a “Responsible Entity for Hire”.
Our Directors have decades of experience in the property and finance markets. Their expertise and rigorous due diligence enables them to provide valuable advice to their clients and associates.

Guardian Securities will not promote just any investment scheme. We will conduct our own due diligence and only provide Responsible Entity services to those investment schemes which meet our standards of excellence.

With Guardian Securities acting as a Responsible Entity on your behalf you will be satisfying more than just a legal requirement to promote your investment. Our staff will share their insights with you and be prepared to help promote your investment scheme. In particular our expertise in property development equity raising can be invaluable for property developers who have an investment scheme but need a Responsible Entity.