Financial Services

Guardian Securities has been operating on the Gold Coast in the financial services sector since 2004 and can assist property investors and developers Australia wide with a broad range of Responsible Entity services including:

  • RESPONSIBLE ENTITY SERVICES: Acting as a Responsible Entity on behalf of third parties to provide offer documents to retail clients, including Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Offers can be for a range of projects or financial assets that require capital to either acquire the land and/or assist with construction costs of the project.
  • TRUSTEE SERVICES: Acting as a Trustee for wholesale clients to facilitate the issue of shares in a development company.
  • MORTGAGE FUNDS: Assisting developers with construction funding of their projects through our contributory mortgage scheme. Investors have a beneficial interest in the mortgage they invest in and their funds are not pooled with other mortgage investments.
  • MANAGED INVESTMENT FUNDS: Provide investors with a competitive return on their investment through our different funds. These funds are registered managed investment schemes.
  • SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUNDS: Learn how you can use your own superannuation to invest in property.

Guardian Securities can also provide all of the back office services required for registered and unregistered managed investment schemes such as compliance, unit registry, auditors, custodians, investor communication and reporting, accounting, unit pricing and regulatory issues.

In addition we can help developers with product design and implementation of offer documents, legal and accounting input and back office systems and procedures. We can also liaise with investors, regulators and property professionals on their behalf.

If you are looking for financial services from a reputable company – call Guardian Securities today.