The Guardian Investment Fund

The Guardian Investment Fund (TGI Fund) ARSN 168 048 057 is registered with Australian Securities & Investment Commission as a managed investment scheme and acts as the master fund allowing retail and wholesale investors to invest in the Master Fund. The Fund is authorised to hold direct real property limited to stable property trusts or syndicates and financial assets.

This fund has the ability to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for each specific asset type or property investment. Investors acquire, upon subscription for a Class of Interests allocated to a specific SPV, a beneficial interest in the property development or investment undertaken by that SPV.

Guardian Securities Limited as Responsible Entity of the TGI Fund will seek to ensure that all projects are professionally managed utilising developers, project managers and registered builders with proven property development experience and appropriate qualifications.

Guardian Securities appoint professionals experienced in finance services and investment schemes to act as the Investment Manager on its behalf under an investment management agreement that delegates the day to day investment management of the TGI Fund to the Investment Manager.

TGIF’s process is relatively straightforward. Developers source worthwhile development and/or investment opportunities, or elsewhere within Australia that meet our stringent investment criteria of location, viability, feasibility, marketability, quality management and risk assessment.

If you are looking for a company that can assist you with an investment scheme by successfully investing in property, or with property syndicates, look no further than Guardian Securities. Call our office today and we will be happy to discuss the different ways that Guardian Securities can assist with your financial future.

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Development Income Fund (DIF)

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  • Subscribes for Preferences Shares in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) used for development projects in the SMSF Property Fund. The SPVs have no debt and the Preference Shares issued can be no more than 45% of the total development costs, or 35% of As if Complete valuation, whichever is the greater. DIF receives dividends of 12% p.a. paid monthly in arrears.
  • Investors to date have received monthly returns greater than the expected rate of 7.5% p.a. as stated in the Product Disclosure Statement.